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Can You Lose Federal Retirement If You Are Fired?

If you’re at risk of losing your federal job or have already been fired, you might be concerned about your retirement benefits. What happens to them? This is a serious concern, as the loss of your retirement benefits can substantially impact your financial security after retirement. This guide will answer all the questions you might have about getting fired from federal employment and your retirement benefits. It’ll help you understand your options and take appropriate steps to safeguard your financial …

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How to Handle a Federal Employee Misconduct Investigation

Facing a Federal Misconduct Investigation? Understand Your Rights and Prepare Your Defense Now. Misconduct is a serious matter for federal employees. This is why there is an extensive routine of due process whenever a complaint or accusation of misconduct occurs. While this system was put in place to protect federal employees from undue harm, the process can also be intimidating and difficult to navigate. If you are facing a federal employee misconduct investigation, now is an important time to exercise …

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What is a Reduction in Force (RIF) in the Federal Government And What To Do

Before we dive into what you can do in the unlikely event of a Reduction in Force (RIF), let’s define it. When a federal agency chooses to abolish one or more employment positions, this is what is known as a Reduction In Force (RIF) in the federal government. Once an RIF has begun to take place, the agency in question is required to follow strict OPM Guidelines. A federal employee who is affected by a Reduction in Force will also have …

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As a Federal Employee Can You Sue Your Employer?

Working as a federal employee provides many benefits, such as job security, competitive salaries, and access to various employee protections. However, like any other job, disputes and conflicts can arise between federal employees and their employers. In such a case, you may wonder, can a federal employee sue their employer? At The Law Office of Justin Schnitzer, we understand that navigating the complexities of federal employment law can be challenging. As an experienced federal employment law firm, we assist federal employees in protecting …

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Can You Apply for FERS (Federal Disability Retirement) with a Mental Health Condition?

Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) is designed to help federal employees maintain a satisfactory quality of life after retirement. One of the elements of this system is Federal Disability Retirement which covers employees who have to leave work due to a disability. If your mental health condition keeps you from fulfilling your employment duties, you could be eligible for FERS disability retirement benefits. However, similar to other FERS claims, achieving approval could be complicated. Understanding how FERS disability retirement for …

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