5 of the Best Federal Disability Lawyers in America

I'm Attorney Justin Schnitzer. Our commitment is to represent federal employees in cases of employment violations just as we would want to be represented, all with the aim of achieving decisive victories.

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Chances are you Googled “best federal disability lawyer” or “ best federal disability retirement” and you were bombarded with countless results.

If you are a federal employee with a medical condition or disability that prevents you from doing your job, finding the best lawyer to represent you can be overwhelming. To help narrow down your search, we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best federal disability attorneys in America, who have a proven track record of getting federal employees approved for OPM disability benefits.

To be clear, I am endorsing some of my competitors. These are individuals who are in direct competition with me.

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Why am I doing this?

My name is Justin Schnitzer. I am an attorney committed to assisting federal employees who want to file for federal disability retirement with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) or appeal a rejection from OPM on their behalf. 

Federal Disability Attorney, Justin Schnitzer
Federal Disability Attorney, Justin Schnitzer

I am willing to put that aside in the interest of helping federal employees with medical conditions or disabilities find the best representation for their cases. I recognize that choosing the right attorney for your disability claim as a federal employee is crucial, and I want to ensure you choose someone who knows how to navigate the complex OPM process.

OPM issues for federal employees can significantly impact their careers and livelihoods. The OPM is unforgiving, and knowing about different deadlines and filing the correct paperwork on time is crucial for your disability claim to be approved. Additionally, how your doctor describes your condition and what verbiage is used will impact your chances of success. 

Having the best legal support is essential to navigate through these challenges successfully.

I want you to have the highest probability of receiving the best outcome possible in your disability retirement claim.

Moreover, there are a variety of different directories such as Justia, Expertise, Yelp.com, ThreeBest Rated, Avvo.com, Superlawyers, and Best Lawyers who claim to identify the best attorneys in a given practice area. Directories are a pay-to-play system that rewards those who have the most money to buy the top spots in their listings.

In addition, I have been practicing law for over a decade and my practice is primarily dedicated to federal EEOC, OPM and MSPB matters, responses to proposed disciplinary actions and investigations into potential misconduct.

Simply put, I am more qualified than these directories to guide you in finding the right attorney.

While I would strongly encourage you to reach out to my law firm first, I understand the importance of exploring all options. My objective is to equip you with the information needed to make an informed decision about your legal representation.

I am proud to work with the following federal employment attorneys who share in my commitment to providing excellent representation for their clients and who I consider to be some of the best federal disability attorneys for federal employees:

I am proud to work with the following federal employment attorneys who share in my commitment to providing excellent representation for their clients, and who I consider to be some of the best EEOC attorneys for federal employees:

I. Justin Schnitzer – The Law Office of Justin Schnitzer

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Attorney Justin Schnitzer is a well-known and highly respected federal employment attorney within the legal community, and he is well-respected by OPM staff and decision-makers.

With over ten years of experience, he has successfully represented federal employees in various employment law matters, including discrimination, reasonable accommodation, disability discrimination, and wrongful termination, before the EEOC and MSPB courts.

In addition, he has also assisted clients in navigating complex federal employment policies and procedures related to filing for disability benefits for employees with medical conditions that did not allow them to do their jobs.

What sets Justin apart is his personalized approach to every client. All clients are given their OPM case managers’ direct phone number for easy accessibility. Justin understands that this can be a frightening time in your life, and having a readily accessible point of contact can be a game-changer.

Justin takes the time to understand his clients and how their current predicament affects their lives and livelihoods. He then develops the best course of action to correct the wrong. When it comes to disability, it is important to know if the OPM route will likely succeed before filing. 

When you have an OPM disability claim and are up against the federal government with an endless supply of lawyers on their side, you need a law firm willing to fight for you on your side.

Regardless of the situation, Mr. Schnitzer and his team are dedicated to helping federal employees who rightfully deserve OPM disability retirement from the federal government. He helps them fight back and get the justice they deserve. Whether it is helping you negotiate for back pay, keep your present job with reasonable accommodations, or litigate your case before a federal court, Mr. Shnitzer is the only attorney you want in your corner.


  1. Honest & Reliable
  2. High Success Rate
  3. Reconsideration included in initial OPM Application Fee
  4. Affordable and Excellent Financing Options
  5. Experts in all areas of federal employment law

II. Brad Harris – Harris Law Firm

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Brad Harris and Bo Harris founded the Harris Law Firm in 2005. They are a leader in helping clients obtain OPM disability benefits. They have successfully helped over 8,000 clients obtain OPM disability benefits across all 50 states. They specialize in OPM benefits and do not cover all areas of federal employment law. 

The firm started when a family friend approached Bo and his father, Brad looking for assistance after becoming injured while working as a postal worker for the federal government. Brad Harris was primarily focused on personal injury cases at the time and did not handle any federal disability. However, driven by a desire to help federal employees, he founded The Harris Law Firm. 

As one of the nation’s leading federal employee benefits firms, they are focused on helping federal employees get the desperately needed benefits. 


  1. Large Firm – Good Processes in Place
  2. Good Payment Plan Option

III. Aaron Wersing – Federal Employment Law Firm of Aaron D. Wersing

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Aaron Wersing started the firm in 2019 after gaining valuable experience in federal employment law from some of the country’s leading attorneys specializing in federal employment matters. He graduated from the Georgia State University College of Law with a Doctorate in Jurisprudence and was the recipient of the CALI Excellence for the Future Award. During law school, Mr. Wersing volunteered at the Philip C. Cook Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic, helping underprivileged individuals and families with overwhelming tax burdens.

The Federal Employment Law Firm Of Aaron D. Wersing PLLC helps clients with all aspects of federal employment law. Whether it is helping federal employees win their jobs back, getting a reasonable accommodation for a disability, or helping with an MSPB appeal, Aaron is here to help.

When a medical condition arises that requires the employee to file for federal disability retirement and receive their OPM benefits, Aaron helps walk them through the process and handles and files all the relevant paperwork. His firm has helped hundreds of federal employees work in a pleasant environment, free from harassment, bullying, and undue hardship.


  1. Honest opinions about your case
  2. Knowledgable in other areas of federal employment law

IV. Eric Pines – Pines Federal

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Eric Pines started Pines Federal in 2012 and is a pioneer in the field of federal employment law. He is the attorneys’ attorney, and many federal employment attorneys, unions, and high-level government officials turn to him for advice and counsel. 

Eric began his federal employment law career as in-house counsel for AFGE Local 1923 which is in Social Security Administration’s headquarters and is the largest federal union local in the world

Eric and his team help federal employees in all areas of federal employment law. He is an expert in dealing with the federal government and understands what does and does not fly when a federal employee is seeking a remedy with an employment matter.

His firm handles OPM disability claims and has processed hundreds of these claims since the firm was founded. While not devoted exclusively to OPM retirement, it still has a strong background and understanding of the OPM process. 


  1. Experts in All Areas of Federal Employment Law
  2. Honest & Reliable

V. Jon Bell – Bell Law Group

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The Bell Law Group is an employment law firm founded by Jon Bell. 

Jon Bell began his career at one of the largest litigation law firms in New York. Despite gaining vast experience in multi-million dollar claims, Mr. Bell was unhappy with not having the discretion when it came to selecting his own clients. Sometimes he had personal conflicts in handling cases where he believed to be “on the wrong side.” Thereafter, he started his own law firm, which allowed him to select his own cases, handling them with passion and drive for each client he agreed to represent.

Jon Bell became interested in Federal Employee litigation as he discovered the need for Federal Employees to have a strong legal team. Jon Bell loves the underdog and most of the cases he accepts are the underdog. Most of his cases involve an employee fighting for fair treatment and often taking on an entire Federal Agency. Mr. Bell thrives in this environment and gives his client the tools to stand up and fight back.

In addition to federal litigation, The Bell Law Firm represents employees looking to apply for FERS Disability Benefits with the federal governement.


  1. Large Law Firm
  2. Handles All Areas of Employment Law