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Federal OPM Lawyer for Medical & Disability Retirement, Justin Schnitzer
Federal OPM Lawyer, Justin Schnitzer

As a civil servant, you may find yourself out of work due to a medical condition or disability. If this occurs, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) can provide you with an alternative to continued employment or resignation. Yet, navigating the OPM retirement process is not for the fainthearted.

This is where a federal OPM lawyer from the Law Office of Justin Schnitzer comes in.

Federal employment law governs legal matters that arise between federal agencies and those in their employ. This is different from general employment law, which covers private-sector workplaces. Federal employee legal rights and protections are recognized by statutes like the Civil Service Reform Act—this is the most important federal employment law enacted in 1978. It established the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) and guaranteed certain employment rights for federal workers.

Among other things, the act provides a process for employees to seek redress through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) if they experience violations of their workplace rights.

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What Does an OPM Disability Retirement Lawyer Do?

An OPM disability retirement lawyer (OPM lawyer) is an attorney who helps federal employees with legal matters regarding OPM disability retirement claims and disputes.

OPM lawyers understand the ins and outs of proving a claim for medical retirement to the satisfaction of the Office of Personnel Management. OPM disability retirement lawyers guide government employees through the administrative process of substantiating their claims to obtain approval for their retirement benefits.

When workers cannot fulfill their duties because of health issues, they are dedicated to representing clients through the multi-step process. They guide applicants in properly documenting a medical situation for review and facilitate the submission of key evidence to expedite the approval. For clients embroiled in challenging situations, an OPM disability retirement lawyer lends knowledgeable support. Whether proposing alternative job placements or appealing denials, they employ strategies gleaned from handling numerous similar matters.

Attorneys in this field keep abreast of new agency rulings, court decisions, and medical guidelines that alter the evidence or criteria required to prove a claim. Even subtle shifts in standards can mean the difference between a case being granted or denied. So, familiarity with evolving guidance enables these lawyers to adjust their strategies and arguments to maximize a client’s chances of approval under the most current legal framework.

Resolving disability retirement cases successfully takes the experience these professionals provide. For example, a claim may “get stuck” or rejected if the medical evidence provided lacks sufficient detail to prove the alleged conditions. The agency may issue a denial if the documentation does not clearly illustrate an inability to perform critical job functions. Inadequate records from treating physicians could cause a rejection where more apparent functional limitations are needed. Failure to submit all required application materials on time may result in the dismissal of an incomplete claim.

If no reasonable accommodation can address the impairment, the agency is unlikely to approve medical retirement as an option. The Law Office of Justin Schnitzer is purview to all possibilities for legal recourse when the determination goes against a client. Pursuing appeals up to and including litigation, if essential, forms part of the representation these experts supply.

When Should I Hire an OPM Disability Retirement Lawyer?

Enlisting the services of a federal employment law firm at the earliest stages of your claim can make the difference between an approval or denial of potentially life-changing benefits. An attorney can assist in gathering and compiling the necessary medical evidence required to support your case. They will guide you through the often complex administrative review process and provide you with much-needed support every step of the way.

A strict statute of limitations also exists for federal employees to submit an OPM disability retirement claim. All relevant application materials must be filed within one year of a worker’s last day on the job. In case they fail to meet this deadline, they may be permanently barred from pursuing a disability claim in the future. With that in mind, you should definitely contact an OPM disability retirement lawyer if:

  • You’ve been unable to perform your job duties for at least six months due to a medical condition. A lawyer will check that your situation matches retirement program rules and prepare a well-documented case, since lengthy out-of-work signals permanence.
  • Your employer is threatening you with adverse action due to performance issues related to your disability. This prompts immediate counsel from a lawyer to halt the termination notice pending the claim. They’ll use the “inability, not misdeeds” defense to argue what caused performance issues while retirement is pursued.
  • Your medical documentation does not appear to clearly support your inability to work. Where there’s paperwork ambiguity, a legal expert can obtain supplemental records from doctors for improved documentation on restrictions. With strengthened proof, approval chances increase.

Sometimes, a federal employee agency, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, can deny a worker’s initial request for reasonable accommodations. Consider this scenario: an employee develops chronic back pain that limits the prolonged sitting required for their desk job. The agency refuses to allow periodic standing breaks or switch to a role involving less sitting. Believing the condition does not warrant accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the request is rejected without alternative suggestions.

As a civil rights law, the ADA prohibits disability-based bias and dictates that employers must provide equitable accommodations to physically impaired staff. This is why hiring a federal employment lawyer is highly advisable. They can analyze the denial basis and initiate steps such as appealing or fresh negotiations to avoid wasted resources pursuing invalid options. You want to ensure your claim is fully developed and your chances of approval are maximized. Thorough preparation means retaining an attorney from The Law Office of Justin Schnitzer to craft an optimized submission designed to succeed.

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How Can an OPM Disability Retirement Lawyer Help Me?

An OPM disability retirement lawyer can provide invaluable guidance and representation to improve the likelihood of a successful claim. They begin by advising clients on evidentiary standards in terms of what qualifies as proof of inability to perform duties. The attorney ensures physicians document every diagnosis, treatment history, and specific work limitations. This medical evidence forms the basis of the case.

The lawyer then collaborates with your physician(s) to obtain detailed records supporting the claim. They may recommend additional tests or specialist evaluations to gather evidence that strengthens application materials. To initiate the federal disability claims process, an OPM attorney assists in completing the necessary forms and paperwork. They offer guidance on the required documentation, like a description of current job duties and reasons for seeking retirement. This way, clients face little to no objection or delay when all submission materials are accurate and complete.

Once a claim is filed, the lawyer guides clients through the administrative review. At each stage, the attorney advocates to OPM on the client’s behalf. They facilitate discussions between all concerned parties and negotiate with the agency on issues that could affect the case. The lawyer remains involved in arguing for approval until administrative remedies are exhausted. This exhaustive, dedicated representation ensures a fair decision is reached under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA).

Note that a claim can be denied, and an attorney can file an appeal on behalf of the client. To request reconsideration, they’ll submit additional medical evidence and a written brief to OPM explaining why the initial denial was made. For those who exhaust administrative options, an OPM disability retirement attorney can represent them before the merit-based civil service system. MSPB acts as an independent quasi-judicial body, adjudicating claims and appeals regarding personnel actions under civil service employment laws. It provides an impartial forum for employees and agencies to have hearings on adverse actions, with administrative judges listening to both sides present evidence and arguments.

The board issues final decisions on appeals that have undergone reconsideration through the Office of Personnel Management administrative review process without resolution. In the plea, they would argue the medical evidence demonstrates the client’s conditions prevent them from working based on OPM guidelines, and approval is warranted. Utilizing their legal expertise to represent the client at a hearing, an OPM disability retirement attorney aims to overturn unfavorable decisions at the administrative level. This helps maximize a federal worker’s chances of a successful outcome. Retaining an experienced OPM disability retirement attorney ensures your claim and interests are fully represented throughout the process. The Law Office of Justin Schnitzer can help you evade common pitfalls to maximize your chances for approval.

Do You Need an OPM Disability Lawyer “Near Me”?

Finding an OPM disability lawyer “near me” may seem like the most convenient option, but it is not necessary. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) processes federal employee disability retirement claims regardless of the location of your attorney.

Don’t worry too much about how close the lawyer is. What matters most is getting one who’s had a lot of success with OPM disability claims. That way, you have a better shot at getting the benefits you should.

Look for an attorney with experience and a proven track record of success.

Choose The Law Office of Justin Schnitzer for experienced and dedicated legal representation in your OPM disability retirement claim. Contact us at (202) 964-4878 to schedule a consultation and discuss your options. Don’t limit yourself to lawyers “near me” – choose the best OPM disability lawyer for your case. We are committed to helping federal employees obtain the benefits they deserve.

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If you are a federal employee who is unable to work due to a medical condition, contacting an OPM disability retirement lawyer is a smart first step. The federal employment lawyers at The Law Office of Justin Schnitzer are dedicated to providing personalized, high-quality legal representation to government personnel nationwide.

We also offer other legal services under the federal employment law umbrella, including federal EEOC matters involving discrimination or harassment claims, to protect the rights of all civil workers. It’s never too early to speak to a disability lawyer about your legal options. Our team will avail all resources to conduct a comprehensive case review and advise you on the best way forward. Contact us today or call 202-964-4878 to schedule your free consultation.