Case Results

I'm Attorney Justin Schnitzer. Our commitment is to represent federal employees in cases of employment violations just as we would want to be represented, all with the aim of achieving decisive victories.

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$245,000 – Settlement for a Human Resources Specialist

Our Firm Secured a $245,000 Settlement for a Human Resources Specialist by Proving the Agency’s Failure to Accommodate a Telework Request.

$230,000 – Settlement for Retaliation Against an Employee

After defeating the agency’s motion to dismiss, we successfully negotiated a $230,000 settlement for an employee who was retaliated against for seeking reasonable accommodations.

$198,000 – Settlement for Religious Discrimination

EEOC ruled that the agency allowed constant harassment and bullying due to his Middle Eastern name. Verdict was over $198,000 and an official apology was given by the employee’s supervisors.

$150,000 – Verdict for Hostile Work Environment

EEOC hearing on behalf of a nurse subjected to a hostile work environment based on his sexual identity resulted in a $150,000 verdict.

$150,000 – Border Protection Settlement for Employees

Protecting employees from border protection: $150,000 settlement reached for the agency’s failure to accommodate.

$130,000 – Verdict for Violation of Federal Civil Rights

Federal civil rights lawsuit nets $130,000 for a client who was minding his business too late for a cop’s liking.

$100,000 – Discrimination & Retaliation Settlement

Physician’s removal was rescinded after filing with the disciplinary appeals board. $100,000 settlement was reached.

$100,000 – Work Discrimination Backpay & a Settlement

Can’t get to work? Try tele-working. Back pay and a $100,000 settlement reached for a nurse who was denied telework.

$100,000 – Department of Veterans Affairs’ Discrimination

EEOC trial results in $100,000 in damages award as well as years of future and backpay for a medical assistant.

$100,000 – EEOC Win for Religious Accommodation Against the FAA

After Trial, the Administrative Judge awarded our client damages and found that the employee should have been allowed to, at a minimum, decorate the FAA office with non-religious related symbols that commemorate Chanukah.

$100,000 – Settlement from the Veteran’s Affairs Department

Trauma doesn’t end when an employee goes to work: $100,000 settlement for a client suffering from PTSD.

$100,000 – Veterans Affairs Administration Disability Settlement

Standing on “agency policy” results in costly $100,000 settlement for the VA.

$60,000 – SSA Estate Settlement

Justice reached for the deceased SSA employee’s family. $60,000 settlement attainted.

$60,000 – Army Required to Pay a $60,000 Settlement

Something stinks at the Army. $60,000 settlement reached for an employee in need of a fragrance-free environment.