Justin Schnitzer

I'm Attorney Justin Schnitzer. Our commitment is to represent federal employees in cases of employment violations just as we would want to be represented, all with the aim of achieving decisive victories.

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About Attorney Justin Schnitzer

Justin is a client centered attorney. His day does not end when the office is closed. When you retain him, you get his cellphone number and he answers your call. He is a creative attorney with a street fighter attitude. Justin leaves no avenues unexplored while trying to get his clients the best possible results.

Justin represents individual federal employees and unions in various aspects of employment law. His practice is primarily dedicated to EEOC and MSPB matters, responses to proposed disciplinary actions. and investigations into potential misconduct.

His passion for Employment law and the fight for fundamental fairness began when he served as a judicial intern for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. After that, Justin went behind enemy lines when he worked as a contractor in the Civil Rights division of a federal agency.

Justin sees a case beginning to end. This approach has seen millions recovered for clients.